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The Merit Controls Difference

At the inception of any project, accurate modeling protocols ensure a successful interconnection and transmission process, supporting the integration of SCADA, PPC and control system architecture. We conduct a rigorous modeling analysis to help asset owners maintain compliance with regulatory requirements. With our cumulative experience and several years of data collected from numerous resources, we capture real-time plant behavior, and enable seamless integration with other inverter-based resources. Our experts work closely with ISOs to promote grid stability by participating in the development of requirements and associated test procedures.

Our Approach to Modeling

Our differentiated approach – and one that sets us apart from others – is grounded in our modeling capacities and our team’s expertise, honed through years of experience.

From the utility perspective, modeling is key to assessing the behavior of any upcoming energy generation, to ensure it will not cause network instability.

Merit Controls modeling experts have a deep understanding of utility needs and requirements, specifically as to how the modeling performance should be presented to enable efficient system operator approvals.

Project Developers & Plant Owners

For project developers, modeling offers a substantiated prediction of how a plant will operate. It provides confidence that renewable energy sources will stabilize the grid through effective voltage control and ancillary services such as frequency response -- crucial elements to stable and reliable plant operations.

Plant owners can benefit from advanced applications that offer longer-term value creation. The Merit Controls technology allows owners to improve fleet performance via revenue stacking with ancillary services and other storage-enabled value streams.