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About Merit Controls

A Legacy of Thought-Leadership in the Clean Energy Industry

The Merit Controls team marries deep knowledge of the evolving renewables sector with real-world experience delivering utility-scale solutions. We bring that expertise to every engagement, de-risking and streamlining our customers’ projects, as well as modernizing power plant operations as part of our lifecycle management solutions.

Merit Controls Values


We build upon our history of innovation and industry leadership, incorporating the latest advancements in technology to meet the complexity of evolving grid requirements.


We conduct business honestly and ethically. We are committed to transparency across operations and communications, providing long-term solutions that our clients can trust.


Our team has decades of experience working in critical renewable energy infrastructure. We recognize safety as paramount in everything we do.

Client Stewardship

Our approach towards sustainable client partnerships is grounded in open communication, authenticity and collaboration. We serve as brand stewards for our clients.


From engineering design validation to industry-leading pre-commissioning and power plant testing, we view each strategic milestone as an opportunity to deliver excellence.

Leadership Team

Seasoned industry veterans - many of whom developed the IP that launched the utility-scale solar industry in the U.S. decades ago - lead our team. Our founders are experienced entrepreneurs who sold their first venture backed by Turner Enterprises to First Solar. As former executives of First Solar, they led solar systems engineering and designed the world’s first control system enabling solar power to provide essential grid services beyond variable energy. They have built a team that shares their passion for results driven by their deep industry knowledge.

Thomas Kuster

Chief Executive Officer
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Dmitriy Anichkov

Chief Technology Officer
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Mark Zeni

Chief Operating Officer
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Gio Hwang

Gio Hwang

Vice President of Business Development
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Nick Milam

Director of Engineering
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Tina Dornbusch

Associate Director of Product Management
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Sachin Soni

Sachin Soni

Manager of Grid Integration Engineering and Compliance
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