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Merit Controls Expands Market Share

Enel Green Power, First Solar and Sungrow Benefit from Merit Controls Renewables + Storage Solution

“Our advanced integration tools are critical to managing the complexity and increased penetration of renewables on the grid. Not only does this provide for grid resilience and sustainability, it also serves to mitigate grid disturbances and cybersecurity risks,” remarked Tom Kuster, CEO, Merit Controls and Merit SI. “As we continue on our current growth trajectory, we are well positioned to become the standard in power generation control systems. Our clients benefit from our diligence in keeping them compliant with the latest grid standards and abreast of market opportunities.”

As market conditions align, Merit Controls is confident that its ability to increase plant efficiency, reduce risk and help customers comply with current and future grid requirements will continue to appeal to prospects.

“We are pleased to have cultivated a partnership with Merit Controls to bring best-in-class cybersecurity technology solutions to our renewable energy and storage clients,” remarked Naveed Mikhail Hasan, Director of Strategic Initiatives for Sungrow Americas. “Sungrow is always in pursuit of technical innovations and in establishing itself as a comprehensive service platform to pave the way for growing decarbonized economics. Partnerships with solution providers such as Merit Controls assists us in accomplishing that.”

Merit Controls has delivered power flow modeling capacities that have become fully embedded in the interconnection review and analysis for several customers. “With capabilities to do in-house power plant modeling at the start of a project through installation and performance validation, we offer a one stop solution for customers, whereas they otherwise would have to coordinate with at least three separate parties,” said Scott Rand, Managing Director, Merit Controls. “This streamlines the integration and commissioning process, and sets a standard that hasn’t been seen before. From a management perspective, Merit Controls is the clear choice.”

Merit’s products and services include:

  • Power plant controllers (PPC)
  • Energy management systems
  • SCADA systems
  • Plant network & communications
  • Met stations & field devices
  • Power plant modeling
  • NOC as a Service


About Merit Controls

Merit Controls provides advanced, proven grid integration products and services for utility power generation, all in one platform. Its expertise and proven intellectual property help streamline integration while increasing efficiency and reducing risk.

Merit Controls is a division of Merit SI Technologies, partially owned by Turner Renewable Energy. The company is headquartered in Houston, Texas with additional offices in Austin, Texas and Clinton, New Jersey. For more information, visit



Media Contact:

Ellen Backus for Merit Controls PR