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Merit Controls Technology Drives Ancillary Services Revenue Stack, Meets Grid Requirements for Global Client Base

New Fast-Response PPC Drives Revenue Stack, Meets Grid Requirements for Global Client Base

Houston, Texas and Clinton, NJ — August 2, 2021 — Merit Controls, the leading provider of grid integration products and services for utility-scale renewable energy power plants, today announced a new rapid-response Power Plant Controls (PPC) platform that can enable solar plant owners to generate additional revenue from lucrative ancillary markets, maintain more stable operations and comply with national and regional grid requirements.

Historically fast ramping fossil fuel power plants, and more recently battery energy storage systems (BESS), have been the dominant supply sources for ancillary services markets. The flexible capacity of these resources help to maintain secure operation of the grid, balancing generation fluxuations and real-time load. With increased response speed, solar plant owners who have not traditionally been able to participate now have the potential to meet the performance requirements of ancillary services markets with Merit Controls’ new rapid response PPC.

“Our renewables-dominated grid, inherently challenging given the intermittency of wind and solar, requires responsive capacity in the form of ancillary services to maintain grid stability and reliability. Our sophisticated PPC technology is designed to manage all types of ancillary services, particularly fast frequency response,” remarked Tom Kuster, CEO of Merit Controls. “This new offering marks another milestone in our strategy to deliver transformative technology that reduces greenhouse gases and decarbonizes the global economy.”

Merit asked a leading independent power markets consulting firm to analyze the potential incremental revenue associated with real-time energy sales under ancillary services – specifically for PV power plants.  The results confirmed Merit’s fast-response capacities enabled real-time energy sales and participation in various ancillary services markets, resulting in increased annual operating revenue, without incremental capital investment.

“Merit’s technology expertise, background as utility-scale developers and breadth of experience enable our client base to capitalize on the ever-evolving North American and global energy markets,” continued Richard Gruber, COO of Merit SI. “In addition to our utility-scale projects in ERCOT, we are developing project sites in several states.  We are confident that our clients will reap the benefits of additional revenue stream opportunities delivered by our PPC technology.”

About Merit Controls

Merit Controls provides advanced, proven grid integration products and services for utility power generation, all in one platform. Its expertise and proven intellectual property help streamline integration while increasing efficiency and reducing risk.

Merit Controls is a division of Merit SI Technologies, partially owned by Turner Renewable Energy. The company is headquartered in Houston, Texas and maintains its technology center in Clinton, New Jersey. For more information, visit

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